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Tahoe is an adorable two-year-old Golden Retriever that presented to Animal Allergy & Dermatology of Colorado with a sudden onset of severely pruritic (itchy) and progressive skin disease over his nose, and legs. He was diagnosed with an insect hypersensitivity (likely from stinging insects like hornets). Thanks to the dedication of his owners and Dr. Campbell’s treatment plan; he is now nearly back to normal.




Sire is a very handsome, senior German Shepherd that presented to Animal Allergy & Dermatology of Colorado with progressive and severe pruritus (itch) that was not responding to various therapies. Sire was diagnosed with Sarcoptic Mange and with treatment is back to his normal, lazy dog days at home.



Kenai is a Siberian husky suffering from a zinc deficiency diagnosed by his regular veterinarian through a skin biopsy. Kenai’s body does not absorb zinc efficiently, which caused pruritic (itchy) crusting lesions of his skin. With the proper treatment put in place by Dr. Campbell, Kenai’s skin lesions resolved and he is back to his handsome, happy self!

kenbef1.jpeg newkenaibefore.jpg     kenaf1.jpg kenaf2.jpg


Tinker Bell and her owner traveled all the way from Santa Fe, New Mexico to see Dr. Campbell in August 2015. Tinker Bell was extremely pruritic (itchy) and miserable due to her uncomfortable skin condition. After a complete exam and diagnostic procedures performed by Dr. Campbell, Tinker Bell was diagnosed with environmental allergies with a secondary bacterial infection of her skin and ears.   With her allergies controlled and bacterial infection resolved, Tinker Bell is feeling much better. 

tinkbef3.JPG Tinkbef1.JPG     tinkaf3.jpg tinkaf1.jpg


Daisy first came to Animal Allergy & Dermatology of Colorado in the summer of 2016. She was extremely pruritic (itchy) due to her environmental allergies. She had been suffering from her allergies for over 2 years. Her allergies caused extreme thickening and pigmentation of her skin and a secondary overgrowth of bacteria, which certainly added to Daisy’s itch! Daisy was treated with a very safe, new medication that controls symptoms associated with environmental allergies. With Daisy’s allergies controlled, her skin has returned 

 daisy before belly.jpg     Daisy after belly new.jpg


Rider presented to Animal Allergy and Dermatology in 2015 with progressive, ulcerative, crusting dermatitis of the nasal planum and periocular areas which had been previously diagnosed as pemphigus foliaceus.  Dr. Campbell’s extensive knowledge of the disease allowed her to provide the owners with treatment options and progress expectations. Due to his owner’s diligence and daily care, Rider is now symptom free and feeling great! 

Rider before.jpg     riderafter.jpg


Astro first came to see Dr. Campbell in 2014 for a fissure in his nasal planum. The nasal fissure was caused by a disease called dermal nasal arteritis. With mild immune modulatory medications and daily topical treatment, Astro’s nasal dermatitis completely resolved. 

astrobeforenew.jpg    astroafter.jpg


We continuously update this page with new cases.  If you would like us to share your pets success story here, please contact our office! 


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